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NOTE: All pictures show actual workshops but in the
interests of child protection the images have been diffused.

Hello and welcome from Hullabaloo!

We are a small London based organisation providing
educational activities for young people

 - and the young at heart! - on a variety of themes including -

 world music and instrument making,
nature exploration,
bird and bat watching, astronomy

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Our aim is to inspire young people with a love of learning,
and to give them the practical skills and the confidence
to succeed in creative endeavour. 

The workshops take place in an atmosphere of friendship and mutual support, and everyone is encouraged to participate
in group discussions and decision making.

We foster awareness and respect for lives and cultures
different from our own - including animal and plant life - and nurture
 childrens' natural sense of caring for themselves and others.

Call 020 8690 0185 for more information!

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"Inspiring young people with a love of learning"