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Raising awareness about
environmental issues
 is a subject close to our hearts.

Our aim is to teach children to enjoy, appreciate
and care about nature and wildlife,
to dispel myths and unfounded fears
(eg of 'creepy crawlies', or bats)
to introduce some basic science,
and also to raise awareness
about wider environmental issues.

Workshops with this theme in mind include:

Birds and Bird watching - outdoor activity...
Bats and Bat watching - outdoor activity and craft...
Urban Wildlife - what's out there! & how to look after it...
Nest box and Bird table construction...
Endangered Animals - why, and how to help...
Wind Power: Make a simple Wind Turbine...
Foxed! make a board game about the essentials of life...
Astronomy - make a Star Dial and a Sun Dial...

- the list could go on! Please call or email for more details.

Stinging Nettles

Workshops are supported by slides, photographs, video and audio (eg birdsong, bat sounds). All participants receive information packs and all workshops include a practical element or outdoor activity, depending on the situation and venue.

Call 020 8690 0185 for more information!


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