Making Mbiras Berimbaus

Both Hullabaloo workshop leaders are experienced
performing musicians,
playing principally saxophones and other woodwinds, plus hand drums; but also having skills in guitar, keyboards, trumpet, hurdy gurdy and bodhrán.

We run workshops both in music making
and instrument making from recycled materials.


Our particular interest is in exploring the many and diverse
musical cultures of the world
, and we have devised and
presented an ongoing series of workshops on this theme.

Above you can see pictures of children with some of the many
instruments we and they have made over the years:

Left to right:
(twin membraned Indian drum)
Making an Mbira (Zimbabwean thumb piano)
Berimbau (Brazilian chordophone)

All participants receive full supporting information
about the countries and cultures we study. All sessions include
a full listening programme of relevant musical examples.

Workshops may either be self-contained one-off sessions,
or may take place over a series of weeks, and where possible culminate in a performance to invited family and friends.

Sessions may be documented visually in the form of photographs,
and/or DVD, and may include recordings to CD.

For more information, call 020 8690 0185


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