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   Earthly Delights Earthly Delights
Qualified in the Creation and Management of Urban Wildlife Areas, Earthly Delights are women gardeners with a passion for encouraging wildlife to your garden. With experience in both hard and soft landscaping, Earthly Delights can help you with ideas and plans for your garden. To visit their webpage, click here

    Yan Tan Tethera Yan Tan Tethera
Melodic, quirky, jazz-with-tunes! Anita's band project with a lineup of saxes, piano, guitar, bass & drums. For excerpts of the music there is a link to YTT's MySpace page here. For information about the band & more pictures, or to book us, click  here.

    Devon Cottage WE STAYED HERE!
A delightful holiday cottage in rural Devon, absolute peace & tranquility. Lovely owners, friendly and helpful but not intrusive. Free range eggs from hens outside your door. Fantastically comfortable bed!
Dogs welcome. And you can learn woodcarving on site, or buy carvings from Zoe & Helen. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
See Zoe Gertner's website for more information.

  Mog Mog - Bodhran Maker
Mentioned on other pages as the subject of my MMus fieldwork project, Mog was fantastically accommodating & helpful to a student in need! He also makes fantastic frame drums for musicians all over the world - we've got two and they're great.
See Renegade Rhythms website for more information.

  Monty Foal Farm
        Animal Sanctuary

You too could be the owner of a handsome fellow like our Monty! FOAL (Friends of Animals League) Farm is an animal sanctuary and rehoming centre in Biggin Hill, Kent. They do a fantastic job looking after and finding homes for hundreds of dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs, and they will never put a healthy animal to sleep. Monty came from FOAL and like a lot of guys he is gorgeous but a bit simple! Please support this sanctuary. Visit FOAL Farm here.

  Gill Golding Gill Golding - Printmaker
Gill is a printmaker really but this is a picture of her standing in front of a mural she painted at our local Indian restaurant. Dear Habib, the owner, is very persuasive and the three of us ended up redesigning the place, including complete redecoration inside and out, and building a stud wall.  But if you think the mural looks impressive, you should see her proper work! She has exhibited in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition for years. Have a look at Gill's website here.
It is awesome!

  Fox Project The Fox Project
Aaaah, so cute! The Fox Project exists both for people who like foxes and those that don't. They rescue ill and injured foxes and cubs, treat them and re-release them, they advise individuals, councils and agencies about fox welfare, and for those that aren't big fox fans, they also advise on humane ways of deterring foxes from your garden. Vist their website here. The Fox Project

  Sinders David Morley (Sinders)
A tribute to a really nice guy. Sinders
was a lovely person who had time for everyone. We met him when he worked as a barman at the Queens Arms in Lewisham, and he was so warm and friendly, he made us so welcome. He was killed in an unprovoked attack by a gang of young thugs out 'happy slapping' in 2005. A senseless waste of a beautiful life. We and many others miss you Sinders, rest in peace. For more tributes, see David Morley

Marie O'Connell

   Above and below are a small selection
       from Marie's photographic archive,
           spanning the last forty years.
    Email Marie if you'd like to order any 
       copies or discuss commissions.

Anti Criminal Justice Bill protestor
Anti Criminal Justice Bill protestor, 1997
(Kite magazine cover)

Skin Ian
Skin Ian - part of an exhibition series

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton in Nashville, 1976

Marie O'Connell
020 8690 0185
Email: Marie O'Connell


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